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Aug 06, 2019

80’s furniture

80’s furniture? The latest design trend of the moment!

The latest trend in interior design? The 80’s furniture! After witnessing the return of the ’80s trends on TV and in clothing stores, the style of those years has also invaded the world of interior design.

But what characterizes a house in the style of the ’80s and what should we pay attention to in order to avoid transforming the environments of our homes in dark and sad spaces? Let’s find out together!

Open space

Today’s houses are perfect for reviving the style of the 80s. It was in that period, in fact, that the concept of open space was born, and it’s still very in right now. Say yes to consoles, islands, TV corners, upholstered in leather, comfortable and welcoming, and to all those furniture and accessories that help to organize the open space, are comfortable and at the same time highly functional.

A mix of materials

One of the most characteristic elements of home decor in the 80s was the mix of materials within the same room. Among the most used materials in the furniture industry, there were wood, plastic, glass and metal, and they’ve all made a comeback. Their different finishes and different textures give the charm of these strange combinations. To integrate them in the best possible way today, choose structures and furnishing accessories that combine glass and metal with wood and metal.

Dare with accessories

The watchword in the 1980s was to dare! In addition to mixing different materials, to create a real ’80s style home, you have to play with contrasting shapes and colours. Say yes to furnishing accessories and accessories large and small, with geometric shapes and pop and bright colours, such as bright blue, fuchsia and yellow. Not to forget the animal print accents, which can give character to any environment. How to integrate them? Choose carpets, pillows or blankets in these patterns! As for the furniture, instead, it is better to go for pieces of furniture with sinuous and oval lines, which allow you to accentuate the contrast with the squared accessories and give a futuristic touch to the rooms.

The perfect lighting

If you want to create the perfect 80’s house, you have to say goodbye to very illuminated environments and cool tone light and welcome soft and warm lights, as they were the only that were used during those years. You also must not forget neon lamps, which rebalance the mood, bringing back a bit of fun and lightness in the house.

Visit the showrooms of Milano Good Design and let yourself be advised by the interior designers who collaborate with the stores; they will help you to create perfect homes in the style of the ’80s!

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