Aug 21, 2018

A new creativity district

Milan will have a new creativity district and Boeri will be its designer

Milan, the world capital of design, has – of course – its own “creativity district”. It is located in the south-west of the city and in its core it will soon be displayed a project designed by Stefano Boeri. One of Milan’s very own architects and designers, son of Cini Boeri, Stefano is known all over the world and he is the author – among others – of that Vertical Forest that has become one of Milan’s main symbols. Now, the city is getting ready to host another one of his works. And the people seem to be very enthusiastic about it.

It’s been Boeri, along with Arassociati Studio di Architettura and AG&P Greenscape, to win the lot in Via San Cristoforo. What will he put there? This is what he said: “A traditional Lombard courtyard placed in the centre of a green space that connects two parts of the city that today are detached. Our project for San Cristoforo is a homage to Milan, the urban forest and the water system that cut through our territory”. So, what will rise is actually the core of a “creativity district” that represents the perfect balance between past and future, memory and innovation.

The project of the Green Courtyard is set to establish a fluidity between the district devoted to design and fashion of Tortona – Porta Genova and the tourist and residential area that is located near the Naviglio Grande; moreover, the “Creativity District” will be connected to the dense water system that from Milan arrive at the Ticino river, and it will become the destination to the many itineraries that are located in the countryside and in the agricultural landscape of Parco Sud.

What will the Green Courtyard look like, exactly? It will be made of one courtyard building characterized by increasing height: it will be a sort of spiral that will have a lower part facing south where the front door will be positioned. The covering will be entirely made of high-performance photovoltaic cells, placed so to create a very intricate chromatic effect, and from the highest point, it will fall down following a vertical line. The three main facades will be characterized by an alternate system of balconies on which there will be plants and trees, whilst the internal side will be characterized by a checkered pattern of full and empty spaces that will help the sun illuminating the inside space. The Green Courtyard will be a miniaturized version of the Vertical Forest and it won’t be the only project that will be created. In Via Schievano, not too far from Iulm, where up until 2011 there was only a small industrial factory, a complex of three buildings, modern infrastructures and a big green space will be built and it will take up 31000 square meters. Moreover, Cino Zucchi, curator of the Italy Pavilion at the Biennale di Venezia, has designed 120 apartments: his Urban Village will be built starting in 2020, in Via Pestalozzi.

Milan is ready for a change, one that has green and design as its protagonists.  

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