Oct 02, 2020

Bredaquaranta: always evolving

With over ten years of experience in selling, designing and installing products, Bredaquaranta is the ideal partner to create spaces that meet people’s needs and taste. We talk about it with the CEO, Davide d’Avico, who leads this company with his wife Fausta Sala. We met with him in the Bredaquaranta showroom, located in Via Fatebenefratelli 10, which is currently the largest multi-brand store in the city of Milan.

We opened the company in 2008 in Sesto San Giovanni as a purely local reality – remembers D’Avico – but in the following two years our company has been able to identify and follow a path of continuous growth that has led it to be one of the most renowned company in world in the furniture and interior decoration. Today we have about fifty employees, six commercial spaces and our headquarters in the suburbs has become a splendid showroom of over 700 square meters.

Today Bredaquaranta is present with the multi-brand stores of Fatebenefratelli and Turati, the Giorgetti and Rossana flagship stores and the Spazio Poltrona Frau, Moooi and Longhi shops. In 2018 the second phase of expansion began with the aim of bringing Bredaquaranta geographically closer to its international clientele: this is how Bredaquaranta Hong Kong, Bastos Design Yaoundé and Akrasi Interiors Ghana were born. And all this in ten years – says Davide D’Avico – and of course we will not stop here.

The company is broadly represented abroad and can count on high-profile customers. Still, I would also like to underline how we focus a lot on Italy too! After the lockdown, the number of Italian customers has increased significantly. I’m not only talking about the ‘important’ customers, those who have a budget for top quality solutions, but also about more ‘normal’ customers, those who appreciate beautiful things, have good taste, and want to furnish their homes with quality products that have an emotional value, as well as a functional one. These new clients forced us to expand our delivery service, since we couldn’t meet all their requests, and soon to renew the showroom completely.

Our work always starts – Davide d’Avico clarifies at this point – with a conversation with customers aimed at defining the type of environment in which they would like to live; then, we move on to the presentation of a range of solutions useful to achieve this goal. Our company overlooks each project in its entirety. From the design of the various plants to the management of the operations in the construction site, up to the choice of materials, we assist the customer every step of the way.

We provide suggestions to help identify the best technical and aesthetic solutions, including everything related to the personalized management of the project and the choice of furniture and accessories.
Working with Italian customers – D’Avico explains again – is different from dealing with foreign customers. The Italian customer, in general, arrives in the showroom to buy one product, while the foreign customer generally requests a whole design project. To satisfy this request, we also offer a styling service through which we take care of all aspects related to interior decoration, accurately interpreting all the customer’s wishes. This service is well appreciated!

What would bring the sector to the next level – concludes D’Avico – is for manufacturing companies to recognize the fundamental importance of companies like ours and to grant us a role of partnership with them.


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