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Oct 09, 2018

Contemporary design furniture

Contemporary design furniture: the new arrivals by the greatest Italian brands

Sophisticated materials and modern takes of what – in the past – was designed by the greatest designers of all times: in Italy, the furniture with a contemporary design is deeply rooted in our long tradition. Seats and beds, modular solutions, containers, and accessories: these are the new arrivals in the catalogues of the most famous Italian brands. We are ready to embark on a sophisticated journey, made of (successful) experiments and homages to what once had been.

Softbench, Flou’s modular couch

Softbench - Flou

With its new products, Flou wants to give a complete makeover to the house: in its catalogue, incredible double beds (among which Vico Magistretti’s Tadao, an annual limited edition item characterised by the primitive wood it is made with), benches, poufs, lighting fixtures, coffee tables, modular systems, and wardrobes. But, especially, the modular couch Softbench, designed by Massimo Castagna. A couch that is much more than a “simple” seat and that introduces the new concept of dynamic and multifunctional use of the sofa. Studied for modern living needs, Softbench fits perfectly among modern designed furniture thanks to its 6 basic elements (two seats, an armrest, and three backrests) that one can freely combine with an infinite number of possible results and a complete degree of personalisation. The backrests are indeed movable, whereas the deep elements of the couch allow not only bi-frontal seats but also the transformation of the sofa in a bed or in a chaise-longue.

By Cassina, seats that come from the past

Feltri di Cassina

They can’t be actually called contemporary design furniture, but the seats that Cassina has put into its catalogue – although designed decades ago – are incredibly modern. Until recently available only on websites for contemporary art collectors, Gaetano Pesce’s Feltri (1987) has a one of a kind frame, in between a piece of art and a functional, everyday object. Many are the fabrics to cover the mattress and 6 the new colours for the structure. The structure is one of a unique armchair, entirely created with felt made of thick wool and provided with a backrest that – enveloping and pliant – meets a bottom part that is stiff and sturdy, thanks to the use of a thermosetting resin. To join the seat to the structure there are hemp strings; to provide comfort, an upholstered mattress made of polyester wadding.

279 Beugel - Cassina

The 279 Beugel chair was designed even before. Created in 1927 by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld for the Dutch shopping mall Metz & Co, it represents the perfect example of the designer’s highly experimental drive. It is a versatile and functional chair that Cassina has managed to add to its catalogue thanks to the collaboration with the Maestro’s heirs.  Which are its characteristics? The union of three different elements: two identical steel structures on the sides and – in the middle – a lacquered plywood seat, which was then replaced by sturdier laminated wood. An incredible modern homage to the past.

The elegance of Flexform armchairs

Sveva - Flexform

Under the guidance of Antonio Citterio, Flexform confirms itself to be – once more – an extraordinary example of Italian elegance. As proof there are the new products that were inserted into the catalogue, starting from the armchairs. Leda (designed by Antonio Citterio), with its wooden base that recalls the Scandinavian tradition and polished rationality, shows how the company is still very attached to artisanal work; Sveva (designed by Carlo Colombo) has a chic silhouette whose structure, which is made of rigid polyurethane, is upholstered in leather and holds soft cushions stuffed with goose down. The cast aluminium swivel base was designed to respond to the needs of the contract world and to give the armchair a very unique style.

The sofa that reminds of an Atoll by B&B ItaliaAtoll - B&B Italia


It’s called Atoll and it is inspired by the coral formations that go by the same name the new modular seating system that Antonio Citterio designed for B&B Italia. Refined expression of a balanced aesthetic and of the decisive traits of the contemporary design furniture pieces, it has three basic types of platforms (190 and 240 cm with 90 cm of depth, or 130 cm with 140 cm of depth) to which one can add armrests and backrests, so to create sofas, dormouse, corner-end modules, single or modular elements like chaise longues and poufs. Atoll is a dynamic piece, versatile and always new. A seating system that can be made even more unique by adding a cylindrical cushion embellished with boar leather, which is available in 2 variants. And that’s exactly what today’s furniture pieces have: personality.

The (classy) rest designed by Misuraemme

Cosy - Misuraemme

Mauro Lipparini has created two beds for Misuraemme that bring an evergreen elegance to the concept of rest. Cosy, a simple yet eclectic model, hides its personality in tailored details and in a unique headboard that is divided in half by a fine punching. The lines are diagonal, the shapes dynamic. The contrasting suede insert brings life to the soft structure. This way the bed becomes the protagonist of a night area that is delicately refined.Ghiroletto - Misuraemme

The complete opposite is Ghiroletto, whose main characteristic is the boiserie, which is not only a decorative element but also an essential part of a furniture made of integrated upholstery and lighting elements. It can be painted, made of fabric or made of wood: in any case, it is the panelling system that becomes the focus element of the room and that helps to transform a simple bedroom in a cosy suite.

The lightness of the marble in the Alamo Table by Lema

Alamo - Lema

Can marble be light? The Alamo table by David Lopez Quincoces for Lema seems to be enough proof of this. Deco personality and magnetic spirit, it gives to decorative codes typical of the ‘40s a new minimal interpretation. Rigid and sophisticated, it is light. Actually, extremely light. The structure, made of bronze coated painted metal, holds the thin top that is characterized by an amazing grain-effect, a mix of resin, coloured marble dust and noble metal flakes (bronze and brass). Three different variations are available, inspired by just as many natural precious stones: Lapis Lazuli Blue, Malachite Green, and Belgian Blue Black. The result is incredible.

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