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Nov 01, 2019

How to design a luxurious bathroom

Tips to create a luxury bathroom

In recent years the bathroom has become the real core of the house, the only place to spend time with yourself, away from the stress and daily commitments that fill our lives. So why not create an oasis of peace in your home, furnish it luxuriously and fill it with all the comforts possible and imaginable, creating a magical place where the watchwords are relaxation and design? If you are intrigued by the idea of giving yourself a private and unique space, then follow the advice of Milano Good Design, your dream bathroom is just around the corner.

Classy upholstery and contrasting furniture

What makes a luxury bathroom even chicer? If you want to create a bathroom that stands out for its elegance, we suggest that you pay close attention to the upholstery you choose. After marbles and natural stones, which never go out of fashion, it is now possible to create a bathroom with a luxurious and refined look using exclusive wallpapers, produced specifically for this room in the house. If you choose a unique topping, you should use simple furniture and vice versa. Contrast is everything, even in colour!

The choice of materials

Luxury rhymes, often and willingly, with extravagance, especially in the world of furniture and design. So why not focus on new and unprecedented materials for the furnishing of your bathroom? Try onyx and bronze or choose furniture with gold details, the colour of luxury par excellence. These materials, together with furnishings with particular and modern shapes, will be enough to make your bathroom unique.

Gold coloured surfaces

Speaking of gold, if you want to create a truly luxurious bathroom, you must integrate this colour in something more than just small details. So how about choosing a full gold bathtub or furniture in that same shade? With the addition of this type of furniture, the bathroom will look incredibly regal.

A retro touch

And finally, in a bathroom with a luxurious taste, there are some vintage details. The best furniture brands all have lines dedicated to the most popular styles of the past. Finding items that capture your attention and marry perfectly to the mood of your bathroom will be child’s play.

If you are looking for advice on how to make a luxurious bathroom, ask the interior designers who collaborate with the showrooms of Milano Good Design for help. You will have at your disposal more than fifty professionals who will create for you personalized projects that will enhance your style.

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