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May 03, 2019

Interview with Arredamenti Perego

Our journey to get to know better the Milano Good Design showrooms, the network that brings together the most exclusive design stores in the Metropolitan City of Milan, continues.

Today we have the pleasure of talking with Federica Perego, marketing manager of Arredamenti Perego. The company was founded in 1938 as a workshop and in the last 80 years became one of the most dynamic furniture and design realities of the area.

When was Arredamenti Perego established?

Arredamenti Perego was established in 1938 as a dream came true of my grandparents. It was my grandmother and her entrepreneurial spirit that gave life to this reality, managed today by the third generation of the family. During these 80 years, the showroom has gone from a small artisan workshop to a solid reality in the Milanese hinterland. We have been one of the first stores to sell products designed by the most famous brands of Made in Italy furniture when those companies were still nothing more than small furniture factories in the area.

What does your offering of furniture consist of?

Our furniture offer is exceptionally varied and utterly focused on Italian design. We sell products designed by over 40 different brands, all carefully selected to offer our customers only the best. Those who come to us know that they can find furniture for every corner of the house, whether they want to furnish a small chic apartment in the city or a villa by the sea.

Those who think that Arredamenti Perego is the right shop only for those with a substantial budget are wrong. Our furniture offer is so complete that we can satisfy everyone!

And don’t forget that we accompany our product catalogue to an equally comprehensive service.

According to your experience and knowledge, how has the style of the houses, the division of spaces and the taste of the customers changed in the last 10 to 20 years?

If we compare the style of the houses in the early 2000s and the current one, we can say that we assisted to a revolution and a significant change in both the tastes of people and their way of think about the house space. Previously, for example, the customer turned to showrooms like ours to buy the entire furniture of their home, today, however, they prefer to purchase different items at various times. We, as a country, have lost customer loyalty.

The customer has developed a new way of living the home, which has evolved from a way to show off into a place where they can best express themselves.

The focus of the house has also changed: it changed from the kitchen to the bedroom, especially those of children. And wellness now comes first.

How has your job as a retailer and interior designer changed over the years?

That’s a good question. From being a pure retailer, we have turned into a real design and architecture studio. Today the customer not only wants to buy furniture but also a full service and that’s what we try to offer to those who turn to Arredamenti Perego.

What do you think is your biggest strength? What do the customers love the most about your showroom?

The main strength of Arredamenti Perego is undoubtedly the service; with us, the customer is pampered in everything and for everything. Our goal is to offer the customer an experience that can’t have in any other shop in the area. We like to accompany the people who visit the showroom on a journey at the discovery of the best furniture and design pieces.

We want to ensure a unique and incredible shopping experience. That’s why we guarantee a careful pre and after-sales service, inspections, transport and testing of products, as well as a warranty voucher after six months of the purchase. As a company, it is essential for us to let the customer know that he can always count on Arredamenti Perego.

The desire to offer an increasingly complete service, as well as our long experience in the field, has also led us to become part of Domo Specialist. Domo Specialist is a group of companies in the area that have joined forces to offer customers all-round support in the event of building renovations. Thanks to the collaboration of specialists in different fields, we provide our customers with support at every stage of the renovation project, from the management of documents to the construction of the plants, up to the care of the last details, which is taken care of by our home shopper.

What does Milano Good Design represent for you? Which are its most innovative aspects?

For me and my company, Milano Good Design is an essential showcase on the foreign market, an opportunity to expand our customers beyond national and European borders. Foreigners love Made in Italy, especially when it comes to the design sector, and in the network, we have found a way to connect this type of clientele consistently. We hope that it can help us to find new opportunities for development.

Do you have something planned for 2019 that you would like to share?

Absolutely yes! Along with the architect Cinzia Pagni, author of “L’ornamento non è più un delitto”, we’re organizing an event very close to my heart. Contaminated languages characterize the world we live in today; there is no longer a clear boundary between fashion and design. We decided to take this cue by creating a fashion show right inside our showroom.

Is there a private house you furnished that holds a special place in your heart?

To tell the truth, all our projects remain in my heart because we carry them out with great passion and maximum attention to please the customer who places their trust in us.

There is a house built in 2018 that is definitely among my favourites. The project was ambitious and demanding, but the result was exceptional: in my opinion, the living area of 100 square meters with the fireplace that comes down from above is undoubtedly one of our most exciting and successful projects ever.


Arredamenti Perego is located in Via Ugo La Malfa, 4
Strada Statale Padana Superiore
20063, Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI)
Phone: 02.92103457

Take a look at Arredamenti Perego’s profile on Milano Good Design website

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