Oct 19, 2018

Interview with Spazio Schiatti

Our journey in discovering the furniture showrooms of Milano Good Design, the business network that connects the most exclusive design stores in the Metropolitan City of Milan, goes on. We do that through interviews with the owners of the showrooms, successful entrepreneurs that have chosen to join their forces to further increase the already wide selection of services and styles they offer.

This time we met up with Pierpaolo Schiatti, leader of a company that started over 80 years ago as an artisanal workshop and that now has become one of the most interesting companies in the Metropolitan City of Milan.


When was Spazio Schiatti established?

Let’s start by saying that Schiatti’s motto is “always evolving”. An evolution that has been going on since 1935, when my grandfather decided to open his own workshop. It’s in 1950, though, that my father establishes Schiatti Mobili, a 1200 square meters showroom that joins both the production of the furniture pieces and the sale of the products to the public. In 1970 the company grows and we create a new 3500 square meters showroom. That’s when we start focusing on home decorating.

In 2000 we decided to restyle the structure, opening up to new design trends and offering renovation services and overall taking care of the home design process. In 2009 we open another 1200 square metres showroom: now Schiatti Interni e Design is flanked by Spazio Schiatti, a company whose main goal is that to open up to foreign markets by designing and furnishing home all over the world and developing in the contract sector by working with many different partners.

As you can see, we never stop evolving…

What does your offering of furniture consist of?

Our offering is very wide, as for products and target price alike. Our pay off “total living” refers, among other things, to this as well.

According to your experience and knowledge, how has the style of the houses, the division of spaces and the taste of the customers changed in the last 10 to 20 years?

First of all, we should say that Italian houses are different from those in other countries. In general, the culture and the habits change from place to place and that’s true for the way houses are perceived as well.

In Italy, on average flats are smaller and so a greater attention is needed in order to bring out all the potential of the space. The latest generations pay more attention to the aesthetic and technical aspects of the furniture. Elements that until a few years ago were considered “accessories” and to which people didn’t pay that much attention (mattresses, appliances) play now a much more relevant role and their selection is a careful one. Also, higher performances of functionality, aesthetic, and innovation are requested to the furniture (high-performance materials, antiallergenic, etc…).

How has your job as a retailer and interior designer changed over the years?

The answer to the question lays in the question itself. From product retailer, a job that required a limited know-how, the transformation to designer and interior designer has required great professionalism. Today, my colleagues that take care of the design aspect of the projects are architects. Working with such experienced collaborators allows us to offer our clients guidance about both technical and decorating aspects.

What do you think is your biggest strength? What do the customers love the most about your showroom?

Our biggest strength is without any doubt the showroom itself, that expresses all the attention that we put into our work. It is an amazing place that we try to take care of as best as we can, as shown by designated spaces where we talk about design and interior design, more than furniture sale.

What does Milano Good Design represent for you? Which are its most innovative aspects?

Milano Good Design is a great opportunity for us to show our professionalism to the public. The fact that the project is supported by our trade association and the level of those who are part of the network attest the quality of the services and products we offer. It also represents a way to increase our visibility and to confront ourselves with our colleagues, which is a quite difficult thing to do. Moreover, the meetings with the other retailers help us find new creative ideas for our companies.

Do you have something planned for 2019 that you would like to share?

We’re planning new marketing strategies, some of which are shared among all of Milano Good Design’s showrooms.

Is there a private house you furnished that holds a special place in your heart?

The most exclusive project we’ve done this year is an 800 square meters chalet in Courmayeur. We expanded the concept of home decor to the fullest by using products, accessories and materials from all over the world. We went from a project to home staging.

What about your house?

My home represents my personal taste which revolves around a minimalist style, clean lines, and neutral colours. Although, in the last few years, as I got in touch with the international market, my taste has changed quite a bit and I’m much more open to decorations and accessories. That seems to be the trend for producers as well: since they’ve opened up to foreign markets (for them much more rewarding than the Italian one) they’ve made us more accustomed to more decorative materials, which create a stronger aesthetic impact as typical of the international taste.

I think I have to change my furniture…

Which is the product that you can’t live without?

A top quality mattress! I love to sleep…

Discover the world of Spazio Schiatti

Spazio Schiatti is located in Desio (MB) in Via Milano, 24

Phone: +39 0362 620686


Take a look at Spazio Schiatti’s profile on Milano Good Design website.

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