Dormidor showroom
Sep 25, 2019

Interview with Dormidor

We continue our journey to discover the furniture showrooms that are part of Milano Good Design, the corporate network that brings together the most exclusive design stores in the Milan area.

Today we have the pleasure of talking with Davide Mariano form Dormidor, showroom dedicated to everything related with bedrooms.

When was the company established?

Dormidor was founded about twenty years ago, and since its foundation, my goal has been to transform a small local business into a symbol for all those who are looking for products for a good night of rest in the Milan area.

More than a company, I like to define Dormidor as an atelier, because we only offer top quality products, which we select with care to ensure maximum customer satisfaction at all times.

How is your furnishing offer composed today?

Dormidor offers a wide selection of beds, mattresses, accessories and bedding by the best brands in the industry. Treca Paris, Sleepeezee, Bliss, Dunlopillo and Jesse are just some of the brands that the atelier sells.

Characteristics that are common to all the products we offer are high quality and comfort. To be able to take care of our customers according to our high standards, these two elements can never be missing: if a mattress, pillow or bed does not meet these requirements, it will never find space in the showroom.

Recently, we have also started to create projects for complete rooms. Thanks to the creativity of our interior designers and the experience of our sales staff, we create bedrooms that combine design, functionality and comfort, and customers seem to be very satisfied with the results!

According to your experience and your knowledge, how has the style of the houses, the division of the spaces, the taste of the customers changed in the last 10-20 years?

In the last ten/twenty years, bedrooms have become more and more important in homes. From spaces that were only used for sleeping, they have turned into areas where you can take refuge to get away from the stress of everyday life, where you can find some peace and where you can take time for yourself. This change has been manifested mainly through the search for high-quality products and the creation of larger rooms, which can contain much more than a bed and a wardrobe.

How has your work as a retailer and interior designer changed over time?

Compared to a few years ago, customers are looking for functional products with a good quality and price ratio; the search for the deal still exists, but unlike in the past people put their comfort and health first, therefore, they are willing to spend more if they recognize the product as quality. The brand is also a factor that influences the decision.

The choice of mattress, bed and accessories is no longer in second place to that of products for the rest of the house, on the contrary, it has become a mission of primary importance: customers want to see all products in store, hear the opinions of experts, compare the available options and as regards the mattress the test is crucial for the choice.

What do you think are your strengths? What do your customers appreciate the most?

As a company, we have worked hard on many aspects that my team and I have always considered fundamental to offer a quality service to our customers, and these elements have become our main strengths. 

One aspect of which we are very proud is the capillarity of the company on the territory. With 17 points of sale scattered throughout Lombardy, Dormidor has become a real reference point for those who are looking for products for the bedroom. The wide range of products on display, the possibility to try out the offerings and the numerous promotions we offer have also helped Dormidor to gain credibility in the area and to differentiate itself from other companies in the sector. 

We also take great pride in the exceptional support that our specialized staff offers to the customer in every phase of the purchase, both before and after the sale. We offer free personalized advice, and we have direct channels that facilitate communication with the customers and that allow us to assist them with any problem that may arise during or after delivery of the purchased products. Also, we offer solutions for instalment payment without having to make obligatory financing.

What is Milano Good Design to you? What are its elements of innovation?

To me, Milano Good Design represents an excellent opportunity for professionals in the furniture sector to come together and demonstrate their professionalism and experience towards the customer. Thanks to the patronage of Confcommercio and Federmobili Milano, Milano Good Design allows the network’s showrooms to give security and credibility to the final customer.

From my point of view, the innovation comes from the unity we found in each other, a tough thing to find between companies in the sector, which allows us to acquire new customers, even among those who are looking for the latest innovations and technologies Made in Italy.

Do you have any initiative to report for the next few months?

We are very interested in creating initiatives and events, but at the moment we have nothing planned. 

Is there any project for a private home, carried out by you, that has remained particularly impressed on you?

To be honest, there is more than one. In recent years, we created projects for several famous people and prestigious names in fashion and television. I loved each one both for the creative challenge they represented and for the final result. Just think that the bed that was chosen for one of these projects was designed by a renowned luxury brand and is worth € 149,000!


Dormidor is located in Viale Carlo Troya, 5 – 20144, Milano (MI) and Viale Abruzzi, 4 – 20131, Milano (MI)
Phone: +39 02 4895 2688
Read more on Dormidor on the dedicated page on Milano Good Design

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