Jun 15, 2019

Interview with Officina della Casa 1946

Our journey to get to know better the Milano Good Design showrooms, the network that brings together the most exclusive design stores in the Metropolitan City of Milan, continues.

Today we have the pleasure of talking with Valter Bellosi, the charismatic leader of Officina della Casa 1946, Made in Italy furniture showroom in Cornate d’Adda.

When was Officina della Casa 1946 established?

Officina della Casa 1946 was founded in the 30s as an old carpentry shop in Cornate d’Adda. The company was established by my great-grandfather, father of my grandfather Sergio. Over the years, the company has evolved from a small village workshop to a shop and then to a showroom. In these decades the road has been long, but the passion that my family has always put into the work and the firm has led us to achieve great success.

How is your furnishing offer composed today?

We focus on a medium-high cut market. We have gone from the simple design of houses to a complete renovation service, with great attention to detail. For the kitchens we propose ErnestoMeda, we have identified in Lago a new brand to be introduced in the showroom. MisuraEmme, Flexform, Riflessi, Opinion Ciatti and Driade complete our offerings.

In 2019 we introduced new brands, but to find out more you have to come and visit us in the store!

According to your experience and knowledge, how have the style of the houses, the division of the spaces and the taste of the customers changed in the last 10-20 years? Are there items that were not previously sold and now they do or vice versa?

Compared to 20 years we now work in much larger areas, with open-space that allow a modern, synthetic and detailed composition. Then there is a great desire for customization. Today, accessories play a fundamental role because people want to feel at home.

And how has your work as a retailer and interior designer changed over time?

It has changed radically and reflects the company’s growth over the years. Before you sold furniture, now you sell projects. The figure of the home-shopper plays a leading role in the design process, which Officina della Casa offers to all its customers and which for us is a service of excellence and quality.

What do you think are your strengths? What do your customers appreciate most?

Our strengths are the design and the rendering work we do to show the result before the installation. Also the attention to detail, the quality of the choices and the search for new styles and moods that we then propose to customers contribute to increasing the satisfaction of those who turn to us for the furnishing of homes and workspaces. Another influential factor is undoubtedly our desire to continue to update according to the trend of the moment, to avoid remaining static on a single solution. Visiting trade fairs, even abroad, allows us to understand the evolution of the market and anticipate the demands in the showroom.

What is it for you and your company Milano Good Design? What are its elements of innovation?

For us, Milano Good Design is an opportunity to make ourselves known and increase our user base by using non-standard channels for our field. The use of social and digital technologies, for example, are elements at the forefront for the sector that we will also use in the coming years. The fact that Milano Good Design includes many quality brands, including ours, makes us proud.

Do you have any initiatives planned for 2019?

2019 has brought and will bring many surprises. The store will become a container of events and brands. Activities related to the world of design, such as this year’s design & food, will become more and more frequent.

Can you tell us about some private house furnished by you that has remained particularly impressed in your memory?

Some time ago, a client commissioned us a project with some “fundamental” requirements: a bathtub in the middle of a room, a rounded bed and a room with a wall entirely made of wood. We tried to satisfy him by giving our take on their requests.

Now let’s talk about you: tell us how your house is. How you furnished it, whats its style, what furniture did you use?

Hospitality is the key concept around which I have furnished my house. My home develops around a central fireplace, where I have inserted a conversation area and a large sofa to accommodate guests who often visit my family. The style is modern, and we used stones and metals as the primary materials.

And finally, what is for you the piece of furniture that can never be missing in a house?

A work of art: it defines the client and the character of the house.


Officina della Casa 1946 is located in Via Circonvallazione 8
20872 Cornate d’Adda (MB)
Telefono: 039 692170
Take a look at Officina della Casa’s profile on Milano Good Design website

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