Oct 02, 2020

L2 Group: creating partnerships

The key to success is establishing partnerships

L2 GROUP has dedicated 50 years to design and to satisfy Italian and international customers. With that in mind, we decided to talk to Simone Arosio, head of this business known for its unique and personalized project, about his company and the mission behind the firm.

According to Arosio, the L2 Group showroom, which is located in via Durini 17 in Milan – is characterized by a strong partnership, both with the companies involved in the project and with the customer. Thanks to a diversified offer of products, expressly made for the luxury market, the company carefully select those brands that represent it better, and that can help turn simple modern furnishing solutions into emotions. The company does this in over 30 countries (for us foreigners represent 40% of the turnover).

The company guarantees preferential channels to architects and professionals in the home and furnishing sector, with whom we establish long-term partnerships. The design is the phase in which our clients select the elements that most excite them and communicate their needs and expectations to the project developer. Then, a team of architects provides to realize these ideas through high definition 3D rendering. Once the project is approved, we order all components in the agreed dimensions and options, supervise production and verify the quality of the work. Finally, after completion, we will deliver and install, with outstanding professionalism, in Italy and abroad, thanks to carefully selected local operators.

Our customers know that they can trust us – continues Simone Arosio. Whoever they are, if they are a so-called VIP customer (and we have many of them) or are a more traditional client, one who is looking for a project characterized by valuable solutions and details while remaining within a set budget, we try to accommodate them.

Our ability to offer every type of furniture solution is one of the company’s most valuable trait. From the kitchen, which is our main focus given the relationship with Binova, to the living area and sleeping space, which we serve mainly in the showroom in Via Visconti di Modrone, we can grant an extensive line of proposal.

Also, L2 GROUP offers an exclusive service, the so-called Luxury Shopping Tour, which is dedicated to all lovers of interior design and Made in Italy offerings. Our Luxury Shopping Tour represents a unique experience, different from the usual private shopping. It’s a full immersion adventure that allows people to learn about furniture products, their history, and the culture and inspiration behind them. This experience is mostly catered towards Italian customers, which are the most knowledgable and demanding type of customer that exists.

However, it is essential to clarify that we do not have a single reference market, we have chosen the path of versatility to operate between different types of product, solution, needs, and therefore customers. This is because the retailer, today, is no longer seen just as a salesman. On the contrary, people that work in this field must know how to operate in a consulting and active partnership with companies. For this reason, we choose and train young collaborators, who we shape to become our best ambassadors in the world.


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