Oct 02, 2020

Livraghi: enhancing the project

From the standard planimetry provided by the builder, Livraghi Arredamenti‘s team creates a home project complete with furniture, often changing the initial layout of the apartment, even before the place is sold.

Difficult, if not impossible, to curb the enthusiasm and passion of the owner Sean Livraghi when he starts to tell us about his business. Ranging from one topic to another (the lockdown, interior decoration trends, relationships with builders and customers, how is living in a small city, the driving role of Milan in the industry, and the process of designing an apartment), his narrative conveys all the passion he has for his job and all the respect he has for his team (my team – says Sean – represents the real value of my business).

“My first, and perhaps my only concern during the lockdown – says Sean – was to keep alive and constant the relationship with my team. We are located in the province; the rhythms and way of living are very different from those of Milan, where I have worked for years. Human relationships – whether in a professional, family or friend context – are very important. Everyone knows each other, gets to know each other and helps each other.
As far as post-virus strategies are concerned, we just have started thinking about them. These are the months in which we got to understand better if this so-called bounce, which also involves my showroom, will be consolidated and structural.”

Your showroom has a strong peculiarity, the direct relationship with the manufacturer…

“True, this is one of our strengths. Once started the process of creation of the apartments, the constructor often suggests to the interested parties to contact us. Here, the customers find the furniture they need (from kitchens to lighting, from accessories to the new space dedicated to ceramics, another of our strengths). But above all, they find advice, real, qualified advice, which will allow them to turn their ideas and their desire of living in a space that suits their needs into reality”.

Can you tell us how the consulting service works?

“The customer, even before buying the apartment, obviously has the plan provided by the builder. Together with my team, we check the plan, evaluate the possible interventions, listen to the doubts and desires of the people who are making an important, lasting investment, which for many could be the investment of their lives. Together, we proceed in the definition of a project that, many times, totally changes the initial layout of the rooms. We intervene, always in agreement with the client, on every aspect: from the single point of light to the plant engineering, up to the actual interior decoration project. Once the project has been defined, our team works side by side with the workmen that are in charge of the project. In this way, the client can define every aspect of the project, from the tracks to the false ceilings, without ever going to the construction site. While the building process is coming along, we walk the customer through the design and decoration process, which goes as far as choosing the colours of the walls.”

A complete service…

“I would say a total project, including renderings and projections that will help clients to see, to imagine, and to feel the final appearance of what will be their home in the coming years. For many years, this working methodology has set us apart from the rest of the showrooms of the area and makes us unique in many ways. This way of helping the customers offers many satisfactions to us but, above all, it allows the clients to enter the house perfectly aware all the work we did to give them what they wanted, with a very high rate of satisfaction. The clients love the results so much that it is not at all uncommon for the same people to come by, invite us out for an aperitif, or to have a chat. After all, we live in the province, these things still count, luckily, a lot”.


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