Tavolo in marmo di lusso modello Ala di MisuraEmme
Oct 09, 2018

Luxury furniture: the marble table

The solidity and shine of marble are two of the characteristics that make this stone one of the most used element in the construction and furniture departments. The marble makes every room more sophisticated and elegant, and there’s a reason if this material has been a symbol of beauty for centuries. In luxury furniture, the marble table has always been a protagonist, and it seems to be the perfect choice both for kitchens and dining rooms. There are many advantages in owning this kind of item and they are not all about the aesthetic, aspect that we already touched upon: first of all, marble is a very versatile material that goes well with every kind of furnishing style, from the most classic and traditional ones to the most modern ones. And it does all of that without losing its uniqueness. A marble table helps enhance every space and, thanks to its shine, helps to eliminate all the light issues that come with dark rooms. Moreover, it is not to be forgotten that it is a sturdy material that can last for ages and that is resistant to hits and abrasions, making it a quite brilliant investment. Which are the disadvantages? The only one it has, it’s that marble is a very porous material and because of this, it tends to absorb liquids. For this reason, placing a marble table in a kitchen means that it will get stained permanently, especially if it comes in contact with corrosive liquids or acids. The maintenance process is very important if you want to preserve its shine and beauty.

Tavolo in marmo di lusso modello Anteo di Giorgetti

Marble tables are classic pieces of luxury furniture and an increasing number of companies has one or more items of this kind in their catalogue, something possible also because of the variety of colours the material comes in. A white marble table becomes cool and informal if paired with colourful chairs, whilst it becomes classy and chic if paired with classic down filled chairs. On the other hand, brown marble gives solemnity to a plain dining room, whilst black marble adds personality to every space. Among the best brands that sell elegant marble tables, there are, obviously, those that are specialized in luxury furniture. Giorgetti, for example, has as one of its key products the Anteo table, which has a base in walnut or maple and a crystal or marble top. The pairing of such different materials makes this a unique item, that can add something to every room. MisuraEmme as well offers a marble table, the Argo Lowtable, a design coffee table that has a metal structure, a marble top, a wooden base, and that is perfect for the living area; Zanotta, instead, has the Ala table, which has ‘50s vibes, the leg section that recalls the wings of an aeroplane, and the top in 4 different types of marble: Silver Brown Travertine, White Carrara, Gold Calacatta or painted glass. Tavolo in marmo di lusso di Zanotta modello RealeThe Mad coffee table by Poliform, made of wood and marble, is a piece of furniture that gives prestige to every space and that becomes the protagonist of a room thanks to its diagonal legs and its oval top. 

Tavolo in marmo di lusso modello Mad Coffee Table di Poliform

Oskar by B&B Italia, another one of the leading companies in the luxury furniture field, can come in different sizes; the top is available in white Carrara marble or black Marquina marble, the structure is in black chrome-plated steel and the legs are made of durmast or beechwood. Oskar is more than just a table: it is a valuable piece that adds something to the whole house. Because luxury furniture is above all design that becomes art.  

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