Jun 20, 2018

Milano Good Design is here

MILANO GOOD DESIGN, a new business network that collects and selects the most important furniture and design retailers in the Metropolitan City of Milan, has been officially presented to the press and public. A network that represents an authentic chain of design excellence and that underlines the fundamental input that the retailers have given to the success and spreading of design in Italy and everywhere else in the world.

At the event took part Rosanna Tozzo, President of Federmobili Milano and of the MILANO GOOD DESIGN Project; Marco Barbieri, Secretary General of Confcommercio Milano, Lodi, Monza and Brianza; Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis, President of the Triennale Design Museum; Cristina Tajani, Council Member for the Work, Production, Trading, and Fashion and Design Policy, who helped the project to gain the patronage of the Comune di Milano and of Regione Lombardia; and Massimo Rosati, architect, journalist, and founder of the blog Design Street, that for this occasion played the parts of both moderator and Art Director of MILANO GOOD DESIGN.

All the speakers offered the participants an analysis of the current market situation and, above all, explained the significance and power of the project, focusing especially on its enhancement purpose.

“This network of business will be made of more than thirty unities located all over the area”, commented Rosanna Tozzo, President of Federmobili Milano, “and will display its value through events that will make the furniture store the center of the whole home system, enhancing the importance of assistance when designing a house”.

“The MILANO GOOD DESIGN network”, stated Marco Barbieri, “is the perfect example of the whole concept of “teaming up” focusing on the present whilst looking forward to the future. MILANO GOOD DESIGN showcases the greatness of the distribution system through the strength and value of a historic group of Milan entrepreneurs who work in the furniture and design filed”.

Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis, said: “Looking at how Milan is becoming the second most important shopping destination in the world, it’s fundamental that the sale of the product is accompanied with the sale of services, especially a design one. With this project, we want to help the city become not only the go-to shopping destination but also be an example when it comes to lifestyle”.

Cristina Tajani, commented: “It’s thanks to projects like MILANO GOOD DESIGN, which join the most important private and public figures in the field, that we will be able to make some significant actions to help the whole creative, productive, and trading chain in a field that is essential for the economic growth of the whole territory, like is the furniture and design one. For us, especially right now, is important to promote events that can help manufacturers, young designers, salespeople, and clients meet”.

The MILANO GOOD DESIGN project is a Federmobili Milano’s idea – a group composed of all the interior design retailers in the Milan, Monza, and Lodi areas. In partnership with the most important figures of the interior design field, Federmobili Milano has selected a group of high-level stores with the goal of creating a network of local entrepreneurs that represent the values and the contents that have always been their distinctive characteristics: experience, quality, expertise, and competitiveness.

The goal of MILANO GOOD DESIGN is to create a series of opportunities that will make the most important place when it comes to interior design great again, and help illustrate the culture, tradition, and the stories of Milan design through the voice of its protagonists.

The territory, that consist in the provinces of Milan, Monza and Lodi, is the most important trading area when it comes to the interior design market, hosting more than 70 retailers among the most important and historic of the sector, for a total of 100000 m2 of exhibition space and over 250 designers and salespeople.

One of the key element of MILANO GOOD DESIGN will be the uniformity and transparency of the relationship that exists between retailer and client; the same commitment was taken upon by Federmobili Milano, too.

Stores keep evolving and, for a few years now, they have to take into consideration the internet. The confusion on the web, as well as the decrease of the dealers’ investments, are putting at risk the existence of Milan retailers that can’t renew themselves on their own.

MILANO GOOD DESIGN wants to direct the customer in choosing the best showrooms, underlying their profiles, the brands they sells, the offers, and the opportunity of having a tailor-made project created.

MILANO GOOD DESIGN lives through a dynamic and interactive portal which consists of a website and a blog that talks about the culture and history of Milan’s design.

The portal www.milanogooddesign.com is designed and coordinated by Massimo Rosati, architect, journalist, and founder of the blog Design Street. Its goal is to turn MILANO GOOD DESIGN into the most trustable source when it comes to the world of quality design.

In particular, the blog will talk about themes concerning the culture of the project from a curious and authoritative perspective, focusing especially on the world of Milan’s design and retailers.

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