Oct 30, 2018

Modern design kitchens

Modern design kitchens: trendy finishes

The change in lifestyles or habits does not affect the kitchen sector, whose products are undisputed protagonists of conventions and events dedicated to the home. Functional spaces, noble and aesthetically pleasing are the basis of the design of modern kitchens. The trend is that of a convivial kitchen that gives continuity to the living room, a place that is both lived-in and simple. The aim is to create an environment that is perfect for socialising, a multifunctional space that can be entirely customized.

Looking at photos of online dream kitchens can be an extremely useful source of inspiration especially because the idea of designing a kitchen from scratch can be quite overwhelming. It’s complex: there are dozens of choices to make and even more options to choose from. The key to creating the perfect kitchen, which also represents the current trend, is to find a balance between functionality and aesthetics. One of the most important choices to make is which type of layout to choose. There are only a handful of archetypal kitchen layouts, but there are many ways to combine these layouts or modify them to suit your needs. One of the best-known kitchen design concepts is the “work triangle” and even in this case, the design of modern kitchens seems to aim for simplicity of use. When it comes to finishes, the focus is on a combination of practicality and beauty. Most people have a good idea of what they want for their kitchen and the major manufacturers on the market seems to gladly accommodate all these needs.

Nowadays modern design kitchens are made with materials that fit the so-called industrial style, which is characterized by cold and stone shades. An example is the Fusion Kitchen by Lago, an imposing kitchen with a modular structure. Wooden base, marble blocks with a suspension on the extra-clear tempered glass. The trend is to rely on innovative solutions to ensure good performance. The manufacturers’ choice is to have materials that can reconcile aesthetics and efficiency. Recently, kitchen top models have focused on agglomerated quartz (Okite), sintered stone (Dekton and Lapitec) and acrylic (Solid Surface, Betacryl). The choice of Dada, with VVD, a modular kitchen by designer Vincent Van Duysen, is really interesting. The supporting metal frame defines bases, wall units, columns and accessories. The full and empty volumes alternate and enliven the kitchen, which also includes the addition of snack tops and solutions designed to make the washing and cooking areas more functional and comfortable. Dada also offers the Hi-Line 6 Frame Door with a frame in titan aluminium and pewter.

Modulnova offers a modern interpretation of the kitchen in the design of the Blade project: wood (smoked, dark and intense oak) as a fundamental material for bases, sides and tops; anthracite Savoia stone for the monobloc insert that incorporates the hob and integrated sink. Instead, ErnestoMeda focuses on simplicity and fundamental geometry. Its One project is a perfect combination of Carrara marble and glossy white, a classic reinterpretation that also sees the use of Imperial oak for the top of the peninsula. In short, we are far from the concept of the kitchen as space exclusively dedicated to cooking: nowadays this area is unquestionably the heart of the house and the room where you probably spend the most time.

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