Oct 02, 2020

Officina della Casa 1946: no compromises

Established in 2009, Officina della Casa 1946 descends from a carpentry founded in the 1930s in Cornate d’Adda. Led by Valter Bellosi, who can count on a team of faithful collaborators, the company has many projects in store for the near future. Evolution is in its DNA.

Valter Bellosi welcomes us in the showroom located in Cornate (950 square meters and three floors) with the volcanic energy of the self-made entrepreneur. He tells us about his commercial background, which is the key to understanding his personality, his in-depth knowledge of the furniture industry, the passion he puts in the many initiatives in which he is involved. Officina della Casa 1946 is a showroom in continuous transformation. The space once was a farmhouse that, in almost three years of work, Valter himself has transformed into a welcoming place, able that reserve surprises in every corner, and it’s different not only functional to the activity.

The artistic aspect is predominant in every room of the showroom. The space is cosy, and often the customers get pampered with a rich selection of champagne. Clients are also hosted into meeting rooms that have all the home theatre aids… everything aims to reach customer loyalty, which for Valter is almost like an extension of his personality.

The lockdown? The emergency? I have never had any problem, no doubt! – he tells us by pointing out the clients that are chatting with members of his team – On the other hand, I’ve always been convinced that one has to come out of crises stronger and more determined than one has entered them. Not only that, I am reformulating the current layout of the showroom, and I am signing the deed of purchase of a shed a few kilometres from here that will be the starting point of a new, further evolution of the activity.

It will be an evolution that will respect your mission?

Absolutely! We will stay truthful to our identity and to our mission which is to offer a top-quality and complete design proposal. I wouldn’t even be able to work in any other way, following, for example, the price battle. That way of working is not for me! We offer and will continue to offer a personalized interior design service, characterized by a decorative style made of wallpapers, paintings, carpets, sculptures, textiles and design objects. I can count on a team that, starting with my wife, knows how to read, interpret and translate the living space into a high-performance project. Thanks to our personal home shopper, then, we enhance and customize even more the living environments. Do you know why we do that? Because every home has its own story, a story made of atmospheres, balances, colours and shapes. My team of workmen, twelve high-level professionals, help us to define that story and help us bring it to life the house of the customer’s dreams, which started as a simple rendering. I believe that listening to the client needs and desire is the best starting point. From that, we create a render for them.

A turnkey type of project, right?

Exactly! Seeing the clients happy and satisfied is priceless, and we take a lot of pride in it! As I said before, we put all of our passion in each project we create, and we follow its development from start to finish. There’s no better thing than knowing that we can offer more than a customer could ask us for and that we can give them what they’ve never dared to dream of, primarily because we fully commit to our projects. This is our primary goal, and we can reach it only because of the passion that drives us to do what we do!


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