Oct 02, 2020

Pellegrinelli Arreda: starting from the home

The health emergency, the mandatory stop to production activities and social event and experiences… how does a showroom with more than sixty years of activity deal with these issues? We talked about it with Matteo Pellegrinelli, who, along with his brother Giovanni, is the owner of Pellegrinelli Arreda.

Sixty years of history… we can say your showrooms have witnessed the changes and evolutions of the taste and customers…

In more than sixty years of history, the company has gone through many different evolutions regarding society and the way of living and thinking. These changes are reflected in how people perceive the home, and, consequently, in the choice of furnishing accessories and investments dedicated to the house. Trends and fashions have also changed: from the preference for bright colours, geometries and plastic in the sixties, to the orientation towards leather, glass and metal in the seventies very much has changed. Each era has its style: more sober furniture in the eighties, along with more opaque colours and furnishing accessories such as wooden and glass tables for living rooms; squared shapes and white in the ’90s; the affirmation of multifunctional and the need for innovative materials and “transformative” solutions in the 2000s.
The constant, however, is the consumer’s search not only for products but above all for high-level projects and services. In the years, we have always tried to satisfy these needs in the best way possible. Then and now, we focus on the creativity and personalization of the projects, on offering a complete range of services, and on covering every customer’s needs. From a simple consultation to the full design of a space or a big selection of products by the most famous Italian brands, we have it all.

What changes have you noticed during these last months?

It is undeniable that the lockdown period represented a moment of freezing and stop; the activities were limited by the need to overcome the health emergency. Today, however, we have already disposed of the orders that were still pending, and we have started at full speed with new projects. There is a great desire to restart, the signs are positive, so I am confident about the trend in the coming months.
Going back to consumer changes, the quarantine has led all of us to re-evaluate the domestic spaces. Homes have a more important role for each of us. I believe that this factor can also contribute to encouraging investment in furniture, supported by the renewed possibility for 2020 to take advantage of the furniture bonus.

In addition to the Cesate showroom, do you have any other store? And how do you use them, in particular during Design Week?

The Salone del Mobile is the main event in the design world: with its satellites (i.e. Design Week, Fuorisalone and Eurocucina, which take place every two years), it puts the world of furniture under the spotlight and is undoubtedly an unmissable event, where you can make your voice heard. I am referring above all to the showrooms we have in Milan, in via Molino delle Armi and The Cut in via Pontaccio, for which even events not specifically dedicated to the world of design and furnishings, such as Fashion Week, can be occasions for visibility.

Between physical and virtual places… a contradiction? An obligatory choice? A new need?

Over the years, users have developed a growing interest in the web. The Internet is a tool used by consumers to get an overview of the market offers and seek inspiration. Therefore, it is crucial to be present on the web and social media. Those channels help to present products and services, supporting the traditional sale that then takes place in-store. E-commerces are becoming more popular, but they remain a minority share: the consumer prefers to turn to physical stores, and likes to see the product from life, test it and “feel it”. We try to satisfy this need by providing a wide range of products: over the years we have increased the display area for this very reason, our showroom in Cesate, to date, has an area of more than 2,000 square meters, dedicated to multiple furnishing solutions for all rooms of the house.

Showroom and virtual aspects are, from my point of view, two complementary elements, which must be used in synergy to reach the consumer, offering him a complete and personalized shopping experience. I would add that it is still essential to be attentive and flexible to market changes, only in this way, you can adopt the best strategies to ensure that the customer is satisfied.


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