Personal Home Shopper a Milano
May 15, 2019

Personal Home Shopper in Milan

Who is a Personal Home Shopper?

You might have heard of them before, but you have no idea about what is a Personal Home Shopper? We’ll explain it to you right away! A Home Shopper is a professional figure born mainly in the United States, but that is spreading more and more in our country.

They are halfway between a personal shopper and an art buyer. They provide interested customers with furniture advice, guiding them to purchase products that could suit best their needs and tastes, especially respecting the suggested budget.

They are furniture lovers, so they are always up to date on trends and news on the market. Good taste, competence and organizational skills are three fundamental qualities that this figure has.

The support of a Personal Home Shopper is essential for people who are looking for a particular piece of furniture or have to buy the furniture for their entire house. This is especially true nowadays since the offering is so extensive, both in stores and online.

Personal home shopper

A Personal Home Shopper takes care of everything customers might need, such as searching for the right colour palette or the perfect fabric. Among the main advantages that can be associated with this figure, we find:

  • Personalization of the style: the style of furnishing of your home will undoubtedly be unique!
  • Experience: these professionals have considerable experience in the field. They usually are architects or interior designers, but he is first of all an enthusiast.
  • Contacts: the PHS has a good network of contacts and operators in the sector. That allows the customers to buy rare and exclusive objects or furniture, difficult to recover for a person outside the industry.
  • Time and cost savings: PHS costs are impossible to estimate in advance, but this figure helps the customer in budgeting.

Live a unique experience with Milano Good Design

Are you looking for the right furniture for your home but you don’t have time to waste wandering around stores? Then, the experience that Milano Good Design offers is what you need!

Milan, as everybody knows, is the world capital of design, a window on the world of creativity and innovation: for this reason, you should not miss our fantastic opportunity.

The Milano Good Design network allows you to live an exclusive experience in the company of a dedicated Personal Home Shopper and a team of designers and architects at your complete disposal. A Personal Home Shopper will accompany you in the most important company showrooms of Made in Italy brands, to discover the furniture suitable for your needs.

This opportunity is for people from all over the world. If you come from a foreign country, we’ll take care of your accommodation in Milan and the transfer from and to the airport.

If you are interested and need more information, do not hesitate to contact us and fill out the form on our website. Tell us about your needs, the team of Milano Good Design will contact you to send you the complete program of our initiative.

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