Oct 02, 2020

Spazio Schiatti: the project as a fil rouge

Il progetto come fil rouge (da 5.000 mq)

Spazio Schiatti is a showroom (recently renovated) divided on three floors that take up over 5000 square meters, and that showcases all types of furniture (bathrooms, kitchens, furnishing accessories, living room, sleeping area, outdoor, lighting, doors, appliances), aimed at individuals, professionals, Real Estate, Real Estate Development.

We talk about it with Pierpaolo Schiatti.

Before the interview, a tour inside this showroom allows us to see all the offerings, neatly divided into environments, with an exhibition layout that has nothing to envy to a Furniture Fair. Three floors, 5000 sqm.

Do you sell to private customers? We ask Schiatti immediately.

Of course, we do. We have over 60 years of experience in the sector, and private customers are certainly for us. I want to emphasize, however, that we are not identifiable, despite the size of our showroom, with the large distribution, with whom we don’t share any politics and logic (prices, warehouse, etc..). We, fundamentally, are a design business. We follow every phase of each project, from the creation of the preliminary concept (also online) to the interior design, and from here to the executive project and, finally, to the delivery.
Inside the showroom, there are different work and meeting areas such as the materials area and the project area. Inside these spaces, we design our projects.

After each customized project is completed, customers can find a wide selection of interior decoration proposal, right?

Sure. Here both private and professional customers find all kinds of products. Along with products we also offer a home staging service. Moreover, our staff follow every phase of each project, tailoring it to the customer’s needs and requests.

Do you work with both Italian and international customer?

Yes, we are also present abroad, all over the world, both as suppliers and, even, with on our projects.

How did you, as an entrepreneur, live the lockdown? What about the company?

We made the best out of that situation. We have created and developed an online design section, which now works at full speed and also allows us to make our daily work more efficient.
June has been an extremely positive month, but we can say that trend has been overall positive because the projects that had been stopped are now fully resumed. Luckily, the real estate market is going well, and that helped as well.

We are also monitoring the changes brought by smart working. Companies are starting to offer products and solutions to make the work done from home more comfortable.

We also invested more time and resources into the contract department. Our company has a special division dedicated to this department which is called Spazio Contract. In Spazio Contract, we develop projects dedicated to workspaces. We collaborate with a dedicated Architects’ Studio.

Also, we have been working for six years on many luxury projects in Montecarlo, and during the lockdown, we focused a big chunk of our energy on those projects.


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