Jun 20, 2018

The new kitchens

The 2018 edition of Salone del Mobile just ended and along with it the EuroCucina event. Here’s what the new trends for kitchens are.

How does the kitchen of the future look like? EuroCucina is here to tell us. The biennial appointment, that is part of Salone del Mobile, has clearly outlined what the room – that is now more important than ever in our houses – will look like: future kitchens will be green. And by green, we mean both eco-friendly and green in color. Not only there will be walls with herbs and in-house gardens, in our kitchens even the furniture will be green. The most trendy shades? Apple green and lime green. No to the total block, and yes to soften up the color with natural wood, or by pairing it with white, gray or light browns. Handles and appliances with golden and copper touches complete the look of a trendy kitchen.

Then there is the eco-friendly aspect to keep in mind: future kitchens are made of eco-friendly materials and are designed to cut down energy consumption. Their appliances are way more easy to use, whilst their function is more innovative. They’re built-in or hidden – with the sink and the stove – behind elegant sliding doors or behind above suspicion closets. On the other hand, nature is visible: pots filled with herbs are placed under the windows, small plants of chili peppers (and not only those) on the countertop, in an attempt to bring a piece of the garden inside the house.

Because future kitchens are no longer just service spaces. They’re the heart of the house, the emblem of conviviality. More and more often, they form a unique entity with the living room: as a visual division between the spaces, there are no longer doors, nor walls but islands with stools or huge bookshelves. Instead of kitchen cabinets, there are shelves: a solution that grants more space to small rooms, and that looks beautiful also in bigger rooms. The trend is to create kitchens that are more and more similar to Bistrot, with shelves – it’s best if they’re made of aged wood – hosting different types of glasses, holders, collections of mugs, and design pieces.

When it comes to claddings, tiles are very trendy, especially monochromatic ones or colorful patterned ones that can also have an artistic value. Another strong trend concerns the industrial style: pipes and bricks are visible, wood and metal have a strong presence, there are stone or concrete walls, and hi-tech appliances, for kitchens that look, more and more, like a Brooklyn loft.

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