Oct 02, 2020

Tozzo Arredamenti: the care for details

Since 1959 Tozzo Arredamenti follows the customer step by step in the design and decoration of the house. Now led by the third generation of the family, the company has always stood out for its incredible attention for the overall project.

We talk about it with Rosanna Tozzo who, together with her brother Paolo, leads the company.

Sixty years of entrepreneurial history in Italy, in most cases, coincide with the path of the founding family and the succession of generations. Tozzo Arredamenti follows this rule, the base of Made in Italy. The company was founded by Mario Tozzo in 1959 as an artisan reality in Canegrate, near Milan. Still to this day, the company offers extreme attention to detail and the tailoring ability to follow and interpret the needs and desires of customers, the desire to evolve from its roots, typical of artisanal craftsmanship.

We are always evolving – Rosanna tells us – both in the Italian and international context, an evolution that, in fact, takes inspiration from our family history, from that artisan beginning that we carry within us and that we hold on to. When my brother Paolo and I took over the company, we immediately tried not to limit ourselves to the pure sale of the product, to the sole commercial activity. We understood that our distinctive trait could and indeed should be sought in the project, a broad, 360-degree project. Back then, I refer to the end of the eighties, was not at all an easy decision to make or a challenge within everyone’s reach. It was the exact opposite: it was a real innovation! From there comes our identity, from the ability to create a full-on project. This peculiarity is appreciated by those who turn to us and is praised by our customer to other people. The relationships we build with our clients last over the years and the levels of satisfaction and trust is high!”

How did you live the lockdown?

The first two weeks of the lockdown were indeed tricky. We were, like everyone else, concerned about the future of the business. But we immediately understood that our main focus had to be to keep the relationship with the customer alive, which since the beginning of our company was what differentiated us from everyone else. To us, the relationship with the client is essential, it is a way of life and work. Since we couldn’t do otherwise, we redefined the relationships with clients and professionals in our team by using newsletters, our website, and by attending various webinars. In the meanwhile, we also carried on with the Atelier project. The place was inaugurated at the end of November 2019; therefore, it didn’t have a real chance to take off. I must also say that, compared to other sectors, the furniture sector seems not to have suffered dramatically from the situation. Once we reopened, we were flooded by the requests of appointments! On the other hand, after two months locked in the house, reflecting on that now old sofa about the need to have more space or anything else concerning their homes, people are interested in investing in their houses. The 110% Eco-Incentive played a significant role in this newly sparked interest.

Will anything change after this difficult and challenging period?

I don’t think so. Sure, now I feel some destabilization, which I believe is to be expected after the lockdown. Still, I am sure that the overall structure will not change and I am sure that the human relationship will always be fundamental for our job, for our way of approaching people’s needs and desires. Words such as trust, competence, passion, professionalism will still count, and perhaps they will count even more so in the future.

Are you planning new projects?

To seek that need of innovation that I have mentioned before, we launched a new concept showroom located in Legnano, Tozzo Atelier. The project involves some partners working in the area. We tried to establish a partnership relationship that I believe is unique for the territory.
With this project, our company stays true to its main activity, i.e. interior decoration and design, while the presence of other partners, allow us to guarantee a comprehensive approach on every aspect of a project.

We immediately settled on Legnano because this is a rich territory, strategically located near Milan and Malpensa. We have a conspicuous foreign clientele, we guarantee delivery and assembly all over the world, we are well appreciated even beyond the Alps, and we want to continue to be a reference point both here in Italy and across the globe.

Always with that personal approach, which I am not ashamed to define ‘familiar’, with the customer. Sure, the service, the after-sales, the assistance are all essential, fundamental things. Still, when, at the end of the work, I meet the customer to verify their degree of satisfaction or to see how they are doing, that is what makes the difference!


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